A spray booth, a filtration unit which is usually called an extraction unit, is an important safety equipment that is used when the job involves airbrushing. It has two basic functions. One is to restrict or contain an environment so that dirt will be avoided from getting into that area where work is being done, and thus preventing the work from being ruined. The second more important purpose of a spray booth, that because of its filtration and extraction system, the worker will be prevented or be void of the possibility of inhaling fumes that could have a potential harm like carcinogenic fumes and damage to the nervous and respiratory systems of the workers. With the use of a spray booth, the risk of fire and explosion will have a lower risk of occurrence, especially the fumes from the chemicals used during spraying are highly flammable. 

A spray booth at, which is like a cabinet unit, has several components like the extraction fan and filters. These would remove and absorb the particles coming from airbrush paints which are harmful. You can either buy separately the filters or have them built in the unit, and thus this component can easily be replaced. Know that these spray booths are available in various sizes, from the ones that are benchtop that can be moved in angles and those that are designed for spray tanning.  

When painting some objects using airbrush, the extraction cabinet and filtration unit would absorb, dilute and disperse the particles that are harmful, thus making the area safe for those around it. This unit also reduces the toxicity of the fumes thereby making the surrounding environment better.  Check this company!   

Know that painting with an airbrush is a messy job. Through this filtration and extraction functions of the spray booth, the place where painting is done is being contained thereby making it safe to be in the area.

Furthermore, the item being painted on will be avoided from small dirt or debris that would damage the effect of the painting job. Note that these are difficult to rectify and this is why this unit is to keep the paint in and also to keep the dirt out. 

It is therefore very important for us to understand that it would be very risky not to use this filtration and extraction device. The health and safety concerns will be in danger because of the fumes and overspray that are happening in airbrush painting. We have to use this device to avoid harmful particles from mixing with our environment. To know more ideas on how to select the best spray paint, go to